6 Reasons Why You’ll Learn To Play The Drums Faster With Musora.

(You'll Love Reason #5...)

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Imagine finally playing the drums like you’ve always wanted, expressing yourself creatively, and mastering those crazy solos that made you fall in love with music  - all without having to spend $100s or having to go through hours of pointless practice.

Online drum lessons have soared in popularity for a good reason: they work.

By marrying TECHNOLOGY and TRADITION, Musora gives you step-by-step video lessons, handy practice tools, and a library of your favorite songs.

Starting your journey has never been easier. You’ll get everything you need in one single place, accessible anytime, anywhere. Plus, learning from the world’s best drum teachers and finding support within our vibrant communities WILL keep you playing longer.

Here are six reasons you’ll love online music lessons…

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1. Learn & play on your schedule.

Life is busy. Juggling work, personal commitments, and hobbies can be challenging. And traditional private drum lessons only add to this pressure, forcing you to fit into someone else’s schedule.

That's where Musora steps in.

Our on-demand step-by-step video lessons, practice tools, and song library adjust to your routine, not the other way around. 

Forget about the stress of rushing home or squeezing in appointments. With Musora, you can learn, practice, and play the drums at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or on-the-go. 

Music should serve you. And having drum lessons that work around your life will keep you motivated and playing for longer!

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2. Drumming is happiness… backed by science!

In today's stress-filled world, finding time to care for your mental health is vital.

Playing the drums is one of the most powerful and enjoyable ways to do just that.

According to The Independent, playing the drums not only strengthens mental performance, memory, and coordination, but it also has a profoundly positive impact on mental health. “It can reduce feelings of depression, tension, and fatigue while boosting happiness, vigor, and excitement.”

With Musora's online drum lessons, you can turn any space into your personal mental health retreat. And because our lessons fit your schedule, you can tap into the therapeutic benefits of drumming whenever it best suits you, letting you keep a balanced, harmonious life.

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3. The world’s best teachers.

We've all been there – you sign up for a private drum lesson, and the teacher is just… not good.

Maybe they're impatient, maybe they want you to focus on theory first, or they're just not a good fit for your learning style. And even if you do strike gold and find a great teacher, you're still seeing the world of drumming through just one set of eyes.

At Musora, we’ve handpicked some of the best drum players in the world… just for you. Learn from rock stars, touring professionals, published authors, Grammy Award winners, and industry icons.

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to dive deep into a specific technique or genre, you'll be in the best hands. Learning from people that eat, sleep, and breathe drumming, day in and day out.

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4. Thousands of songs with note-for-note breakdowns.

The whole point of learning the drums is to actually PLAY the songs you love.

With Musora, you’ll get 1000s of popular songs with note-for-note breakdowns and interactive practice tools like tempo control, section loops, a built-in metronome, drumless tracks and more… accessible on any device, or printable, so you can play your favorite songs anytime!

Sheet music can cost you hundreds of dollars per year on top of your lessons – or most online services are filled with errors, making your playing experience a frustrating one. The Musora song library only includes fully-licensed transcriptions PLUS they’re carefully reviewed by our team of professional transcribers. 

Whether you love pop, rock, heavy metal or jazz… you can save some money and start playing when you join today!

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5. Drum lessons that don’t break the bank.

Let's do some quick math. Typical private drum lessons will cost about $30 each – and if you're going once a week, that adds up to $1560 each year (or $130 per month). Ouch.

A full year of Musora is only $240 – just $4.62/week, or $20/month.

You'll be saving $1320 per year compared to private lessons.

But it's not just about the cost. You'll also get unlimited access to our drum lessons – no caps, no limits. 

Why? Because we don’t believe in restricting your learning. We want you to completely fall in love with playing the drums. It's not about stuffing you with more content than you can handle, it's about making sure you get the lessons you need, whenever you want them. All that for less than a weekly cup of fancy coffee!

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6. Unlimited love & support.

When you sign up for Musora, you're not just getting drum lessons.

You're also joining THOUSANDS of drum lovers all over the globe, PLUS you get a dedicated in-house team of teachers and mentors at your service.

This isn't just a platform – it's a community. And we’re all about people – real people who share your passion for drumming. Here, there's no question too small, no problem too big. Our live events and student reviews are designed to keep your learning on track and your motivation high.

With Musora, you're not just learning to hit drums with sticks – you're getting a support system that'll be with you every step of the way as you chase your goals, get to know your instrument, and ultimately, live a life filled with the joy of music. It's time to hit the right note with your drum journey.

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90-Day Learn To Play Guarantee

As educators, it’s up to us to make sure you learn. Your time is valuable enough, so we really don’t want to waste your money.

So when you join Musora you’ll get a 7-day free trial to make sure you love it PLUS a 90-day guarantee to give you enough time to see results. If you don’t love your music lessons experience, you’ll get your money back. No questions asked… except, maybe: how could we do better?

You’ll only pay if you actually LOVE your music lessons experience.


The Best Music
Lessons Ever!

  • The most positive student-focused place!

    I could not be more THRILLED with Musora!!! This is the most positive, helpful, caring, innovative, knowledgeable, student-focused place on the planet!!! It has been a Godsend for me!

    Kristyn T.

  • All the instruments for a great price.

    I love the fact that I have access to many instruments for a great price. I'm learning to play the piano, which was a passion that I hadn't fulfilled in the past but now I'm so happy for it.

    Juan C.

  • My daughter danced to my playing!

    The lightbulb moment happened when my 6 year old daughter started dancing as I played – you must be doing something right if somebody dances when you’re playing, right?

    John M.

  • Helpful lessons and supportive community.

    The materials are in helpful bite-size chunks, the support materials are excellent, the tutors are cheerful, and the online community is very supportive.

    Devon F.

  • The best course I’ve ever taken

    There's really no comparative substitute to learning music. Any way you can learn, I say go for it, but this is the best course I have ever taken.

    Russ W.

  • Tremendous value.

    The value you get with Musora is tremendous. Whether you want to learn to sing, play guitar, play drums, or piano, this site has you covered.

    Dennis R.

  • Awesome to learn from home!

    It’s just so awesome to know that I can learn from home and accomplish one of my dreams.

    Jayde M.

  • Wish I was taught this way earlier!

    If I had been taught this way as a child, I probably never would have quit

    Serena D.

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