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Ambassador Program

Join the band by becoming a voice for world-class music instruction and earn in return

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Our mission at Musora is to create more musicians and keep them playing longer. As the trusted expert and influencer in your community, we look to you to help us achieve that mission through our ambassador program.

Our reward model ensures generous compensation for your creativity, hard work and the results delivered. We provide the tools and resources for success, allowing you to cater to your followers who look to you for entertainment and guidance and maximize your returns.

Apply today, and let’s fill the world with more music!
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Applying is as easy as ¾ time


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Fill This Out



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Thanks for your interest in our partner program!
  • Your site and/or channel will be reviewed to join the Musora Affiliate program.
  • If approved, you’ll have access to all the links, logos and banners for your chosen Musora brand(s).
  • We will not approve coupon sites, sites under construction, or sites with long load times or functionality issues.

(Frequent Ambassador Questions)

  • Who Can Apply?
    Anyone can apply, as long as you read the "read this" and didn't think, "Hey, that describes me perfectly!"
  • How Do I Make Money?
    Through promoting the benefits and joys of learning music on the best platform for music education in the world. Aka, using affiliate links to direct traffic to our trials, products and special offers.
  • What Else Do I Get?
    You have to practice what you preach, so we will give you free access to everything we offer our students so you can make educated recommendations.
  • What Else?
    How about dedicated support? (If you need it)
  • That's It?
    Jeeze. Okay, besides the money, free Musora access, and dedicated support? We will work with you to brainstorm on sponsored content and giveaways.
  • Who Is Tracking All Of This?
    Everflow! This fantastic system looks after all the tracking, assets, reporting, and calculations. It also makes sure you get paid on time and consistently.
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Ambassador Program


Have any questions? Please email [email protected] after reviewing the brand guidelines and application page.