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Musora is the home of Drumeo, Pianote, Guitareo, and Singeo — and the leader in online music education with more than 15 years experience, 500 million video views, and 100 world-class instructors.

Each brand offers a membership platform for music students to learn with step-by-step lessons, useful practice tools, and a supportive community of qualified teachers. The unique differentiator is that we provide a home for students, blending technology with tradition to give them an affordable and supportive home base to reach their musical goals.

We believe in a transparent environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are celebrated. All humans are unique and we care about ensuring that all of our people feel welcome, heard and appreciated.

Let’s work together to support and inspire musicians around the world!

Program Benefits

  • Built For Creators
    If you’re a publisher, influencer, or content creator — this program is designed for you! You have an audience who cares about music, and we’d love to support their educational journeys!
  • Get Paid Consistently & On Time
    We always put our students first. After that, it’s you! You’ll be paid consistently and on-time — with a clear breakdown of your earnings so you can attribute your efforts and successes.
  • World-Class Student Experience
    You’ll always have confidence that you’re promoting meaningful products and services. Students are always supported with world-class platforms, teachers, and communities.
  • Free Membership For Active Partners
    If you’re promoting our memberships, we want you to be a part of the community so you see the impact it makes! You’ll receive a free membership for as long as you remain an ambassador.
  • Unique Offers & Creatives
    Depending on the partnership, you’ll have access to a dedicated storefront page and custom creatives to support your goals as an ambassador.
  • Sponsored Content & Giveaways
    Have an idea? We’re all ears. We want to support your community and help you find the best ways to promote the partnership with your audience.
  • Monthly Newsletter
    You’ll get a monthly newsletter about opportunities, initiatives, and Musora events. We want to help spark ideas for collaborating on exciting campaigns.
  • Dedicated & Responsive Support
    You’ll have an account manager to support your campaigns — brainstorm what’s working, what’s not, and how we can work together to reach the goal of supporting and inspiring musicians.
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  • Your site and/or channel will be reviewed to join the Musora Affiliate program.
  • If approved, you’ll have access to all the links, logos and banners for your chosen Musora brand(s).
  • We will not approve coupon sites, sites under construction, or sites with long load times or functionality issues.
  • "Drumeo is by far the greatest drum community out there. Literally you can find everything about drums, from lessons, to play alongs, live streams, documentaries, tips, drum sheets. Everything is extremely well organized. It’s amazing!"

    testimonial alejandro
    Alejandro Sifuentes
    Drum YouTuber &
    Musora Ambassador
  • "Pianote avoids the one-size-fits-all feel that online piano methods can have, and gives in-person piano teachers a run for their money with several instructors with whom students can interact."

    testimonial piano dreamer
    Piano Dreamers
    Piano Community &
    Musora Ambassador
  • "The reason this approach appeals to me is because it’s kind of a more guided way to how I learned guitar. And that’s just doing the cool stuff! So if you tried the theory and exercise way and it’s just not working or you already play guitar and just want to have fun, check it out!"

    testimonial aguafish
    Guitar YouTuber &
    Musora Ambassador
  • "I always recommend Drumeo because of the absolute wealth of knowledge they offer from so many of the world’s greatest drummers! Not only will you learn just about anything you could desire to learn, but you will be so inspired and entertained by your drum heroes with some of the best production value on the internet!"

    casey cooper
    Casey Cooper
    Drum YouTuber &
    Musora Ambassador
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Ambassador Program


Have any questions? Please email [email protected] after reviewing the brand guidelines and application page.