Let's fill the world
with music!

Want to whistle while you work? Bang on your drums all day? We’re looking for exceptional
people to join our mission to create more musicians and keep them playing longer.

Not the right time or opportunity?

No problem! We’re always looking for good people -- so if now isn’t the right time, or there’s not an opening for what you do best -- just click the link below to join our talent pool for future opportunities.


Meaningful work matters.

We believe that music can change the world -- that an instrument provides a voice, and a voice empowers an individual to express themselves. So when we’re building our music lesson communities, we always put relationships before technology. It’s our job to make sure students reach their musical goals.

When you join our team, you’ll join our mission to create new musicians and keep them playing longer. That means caring about the details -- the messaging, the experience, and the impact. It also means that we’ll care about you -- with perks, benefits, and opportunities for growth. It’s a fantastic time to join us, and we’d love to hear from you.

The DNA of a Musora team member

  • We believe that all of our students should be treated like family members.
  • We believe that staff should love what they do, even if it means not working here.
  • We believe that staff should always keep pushing, in our successes and failures.
  • We believe in sticking to deadlines and will work extra hours to get the job done right.
  • We believe in connecting with our students, regardless of whether they’ve paid us or not.
  • We believe that strong relationships are more important than powerful technology.
  • We believe that every day is an opportunity to do a better job than the previous day.
  • We believe that music education can have a positive effect on people’s lives.
  • We believe in an open-door policy; staff and instructors should be approachable.
  • We believe in a transparent environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion are celebrated. All humans are unique and we care about ensuring that all of our people feel welcome, heard and appreciated.

Our team is built on 3 core values...


caring, thoughtful,

We listen deeply, ask questions, and celebrate achievements. Students know that we care.


reliable, brave,

We strive for excellence, overcome setbacks, and keep pushing. Students know that we’ll deliver.


creative, innovative,

We care more about the impact of our work than the output. Students smile when we help them.

Hard work has its perks.

Just a few reasons you’ll
love being on our team...

Health Benefits

Our people matter -- so you’ll gain access to a benefits package including health, dental, and vision.

The Right Tools

We’ll provide the right computer for your needs, with everything you need to get the job done!

Stay Sharp

Stay up to date and improve your skills. We’ll support your journey to being the best you can be!

Stay Strong

You’ll have access to an onsite gym loaded with weights and cardio equipment to keep you going.

Time Freedom

Put in an honest days work, everyday, and you’ll earn flexibility for what days and hours you do it.

Remote Choice

Depending on the role, you’ll have the freedom to work in-office or at home, whatever suits you best.

Let’s chat.

We want to fill the world with music! So if you’re looking to partner, inquire about media opportunities, join our team, or just want to ask a few questions -- click the button below to start the conversation.