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You now have access to all of our lessons and practice tools for drums, piano, guitar, and singing – at no extra cost to you – PLUS the unified platform allows us to upgrade your experience easier with shared technology. Here are a few things you’ll notice:

Improved search capability
Find the lessons you want faster with our improved and predictive search capability!

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Easily access account links (settings, schedule, notifications, and support) from a new drop-down menu.

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Attention spans are shorter than ever — and our new site now loads faster to keep up!

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The world’s largest
drum lessons community.

award-winning lessons.
3.2M+ lessons completed.
100+ legendary teachers.


Learn the piano anytime
with real teachers.

technology meets tradition.
1.2M+ lessons completed.
5+ weekly live events.

VISIT Pianote

The ultimate online guitar
lessons experience.

released in 2017.
Full 10-step curriculum.
500+ charts for popular songs.


Your start-to-finish guide
to confident singing.

just released in 2021.
3+ weekly live events.
100+ songs with karaoke.


The app for learning
the music you love.

Access the member’s area for Drumeo, Pianote, Singeo, and Guitareo all in one place. Our brand new Musora app has improved functionality and added features with full access to all four brands.

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